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The Fender Masterbuilt 50s "Stealth Esquire" are among the most sought-after electric guitars on the market; indeed, many are considered "instantly collectible."

Von der Custom Shop Legende JOHN ENGLISH eine STEALTH-ESQUIRE. Die Besonderheit dieser Gitarre erklärt sich aus dem Namen - unter dem Pickguard sind noch 2 weitere  Pickups "versteckt" - darum wurde auch ein 5 Wege Schalter verwendet. Noch etwas zur Geschichte:

Fender first dreamed up the "stealth" idea with the Fender Marauder of the mid-sixties, but it never made it past the catalog shoot. Fast forward to the modern age; as advances in technology made the B-2 bomber possible, similar advances in "stealth technology" pickup design have brought Leo Fender's Marauder vision to full fruition; bringing a wonderful mixture of Strat and Tele tones. The Masterbuilt 50s "Stealth Esquire" electric guitar from the Fender Custom Shop was designed by one of its most revered Master Builders “ the late John English. This is a limited run of 100 worldwide!


Da es sich um eine Kommissionsgitarre handelt ist keine Mehrwertsteuer ausweisbar.



 M Model name: Masterbuilt 50s "Stealth Esquire" by John English

  • Model number: 927 5000 487
  • Series: Limited Master Design
  • Color: Vintage blonde
  • Body: Premium lightweight ash
  • Neck profile: 1959 Esquire “U”
  • Neck/fingerboard: Quartersawn 1-piece maple with a lacquer finish
  • Fingerboard radius: 7.25”
  • Bone: Nut
  • Pickguard: 1-ply black 


Neck: Handwound – under pickguard

Middle: Handwound – under pickguard

Bridge: handwound

Switch: 5-way

  • Hardware: Vintage-style nickel/chrome
  • Bridge: Vintage-style Tele bridge with three brass saddles and an “ash tray" cover
  • Machine heads: Fender/Gotoh vintage-style tuning machines
  • Special features: Limited edition certificate