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Endlich im Shop aus dem Hause TONE KING: der ROYALIST 15W COMBO -  "Best British Sound made in California"  


... noch ein Auszug von der Homepage von TONE KING:

The Royalist is inspired by the sound of the early Marshall amps, and you will certainly hear elements of the old Bluesbreaker, JTM45, and JMP50 in the sound of this amp. However, the Royalist is no mere clone of a vintage amp. It is very much a new design which captures the essence of those fine vintage amps, but goes further as well. 


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...   von der TONEKING Homepage über den  IMPERIAL MK II:


When we released our original Tone King Imperial combo 20 years ago, we felt we had made one of the best-sounding American-voiced amps on the market. But... thanks to the experience and knowledge that two decades of amp building offers, we knew we could do better. Tone King is proud to offer the new and improved Imperial MKII. Everything you know and love about the original is still there. The spanky blackface-style voice, the gritty tweed tones, all of it; however, the MKII takes it all a few steps further. Its two channels have been tuned for better-sounding overdrive, a smoother top end, and more harmonic complexity. The amp's vintage-voiced tube reverb and tremolo will cause you to question whether you’re actually playing a vintage amp. Thanks to the Imperial MKII’s onboard Ironman II power attenuator, you can get all of these tube-driven tones at any volume. When your company is built upon the legacy of an amp like the Imperial, you’d better be sure you honor your past while always improving. With the Imperial MKII, we did.

20 years of improvement
If you love the sound and feel of the original design, you absolutely have to try our Tone King Imperial MKII. Springboarding off of the tones that made the original our flagship amp, we included a few tonal adjustments and additions that are sure to make the MKII your new go-to tube amp. 
● Handwired board construction improves midrange heft while improving the highs
● Rhythm channel tuned for improved overdrive with a smoother sound
● Lead channel’s Mid-Bite control tightens the low end for added punch and cut

Ironman II reactive attenuation
We included our Ironman II power attenuator aboard the Imperial MKII for even more flexibility. Now you can bring your Imperial’s maxed tube tones to band- or home-friendly levels. With our reactive load technology, your amp with sound and respond the same at any volume.
● 6-step attenuation is great in a variety of situations
● Reactive load technology maintains the feel and response of your guitar amplifier
● Tunable voice and levels with HF Compensation and Rhythm channel Bypass switches

Onboard spring reverb and tremolo
Spring reverb and bias-modulated tremolo are two sounds that define the tone of many vintage American-voiced combo amps. We think, with its tube-driven circuits and old-school control, you’ll find the Imperial MKII gloriously re-creates those thick, splashing, pulsating tones. 
● Bias modulation tremolo circuit delivers vintage-style pulse
● Tube driven spring reverb with wide-ranging control
● Effects carefully tuned to balance across the two channels

All in the fine details:
The Imperial MK II boasts a bevy of features not found on most amplifiers including: 
● Custom-voiced 12” Eminence speaker
● Included 2-button footswitch for Reverb and Channel
● Baltic Birch USA construction
● Tubes: 2 x 6V6, 4 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7 & 1 x 5AR4

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...   von der TONEKING Homepage über den  FALCON GRANDE:


Our Falcon Grande 20-watt, 1x12" combo sings with the voice of a vintage American tube amp... 3 of them, actually. Even with its straight-forward tone stack - consisting of an interactive volume and single tone control - there is a surprising amount of flexibility hiding in this amp. The front panel’s 3-position voicing switch offers the clear and spanky Rhythm setting, a warm and compressed Tweed option, and a Lead tone that brings on a singing overdrive. Add in the lush reverb and onboard Ironman II reactive load power attenuator, and you have a rootsy-sounding tube amp that is as ready for the arena as it is the living room.

Three voices from one easy-to-use amp
The Falcon Grande utilizes three knobs to take you on a journey through the best parts of vintage American tube amplification. The volume control and tone knob are highly interactive. With the 3-position voicing switch, you just may have all the tones you’ll ever need.

  • ● Volume and tone knob are interactive for differing shades of drive and clarity
    ● 3-position switch selects between Tweed, Rhythm, and Lead voicings
    ● Voicings are selectable via the front panel and included footswitch

    Ironman II reactive attenuation
    As if the Falcon Grande wasn’t flexible enough, Tone King graciously included their Ironman II power attenuator. Now you can bring your Falcon Grande’s maxed power tones to band- or home-friendly level.
  • ● 6-step attenuation accomodates for a variety of situations
    ● Reactive load technology maintains the feel and response of your guitar amplifier
    ● Completely transparent performance

All in the fine details:
Our Falcon Grande boasts a bevy of features not found on most amplifiers including:

  • ● Custom-voiced 12” Eminence speaker
    ● Mix and Dwell controls tune your onboard spring reverb
    ● Included 4-button footswitch puts control of the reverb at your feet
    ● Baltic Birch USA construction
    ● Tubes: 2 x 5881 & 2 x 12AX7

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...   von der TONEKING Homepage über den  IRONMAN II Mini:

The Tone King Ironman II Mini tames the wall-shaking volume, from your mid-powered tube amp, with a few more tricks up its sleeve. This 30-watt, 8 Ohm power attenuator lets you push tubes to their limits at bedroom volume levels. Thanks to its reactive load technology, the Ironman II Mini keeps the tone and feel of your rig completely intact. The Ironman II Mini features a line-level DI output, ideal for quieter stages and home recording. Factor in the attenuator’s pedal format and footswitchable 3dB/6dB solo function, and you have a transparent tube amp volume solution unlike anything out there.

Keep your tone and your hearing
With the modern demand for quiet performance stages, tube amp volume can be a problem; but, with the Ironman II Mini’s 6-step attenuation and 3-position presence switch, when the sound engineer inevitably asks you to turn down, you’ll keep all of that cranked-amp tone. 
● 6-step attenuation offers volume settings for every gig, session, or jam
● 3-position presence tames the high end
● Rated for 30-watt, 8 Ohm amplifiers

Feel like plugging straight in
The Ironman II Mini’s reactive load technology is crucial for maintaining the feel and response of your tube amp. Tone King has tuned this complex technology to react to your amp’s natural changes the same way as a standard speaker, keeping your amp feeling like your amp.
● Reactive load technology responds to your power amp just like a speaker
● Maintains the feel and response 
● Completely transparent on all 18 attenuation settings (three levels of 6)

Ready for the stage and the studio
The Ironman II Mini’s floor pedal form factor puts its footswitchable 3dB/6dB solo function safely on your pedalboard, perfect for boosting a solo or balancing different guitars’ outputs; and, it’s just as at home in the studio thanks to a line-level DI output.
● Pedal format puts this attenuator on your pedalboard
● Footswitchable 3dB/6dB Solo can be used in a variety of ways
● Line-level output works great with impulse response technology for recording



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