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Our Traditional series features the a 25' radius prepared into the braces but the sides are left flat for a more traditional build style. This build style tends to have a more traditional tonal character, emphasizing a bit more bass. All Huss & Dalton guitars are braced with hand split Appalachian Red Spruce, which has a greater strength-to-weight ratio than other brace woods. All bridge plates are made from Honduras Rosewood, selected for its superior tonal properties, and resistance to string ball wear. We use AAA grade top woods, which are checked individually for load bearing abilities, and are thickness sanded to achieve the best balance of strength and flexibility. We use bone nuts on all of our instruments and fully compensated 1/8” bone saddles on all of our guitar models. We then compensate the scale of every string to make our intonation as close as possible to perfect. Our necks are quarter sawn Honduras Mahogany, Maple, Walnut, or Spanish Cedar and all employ the use of a steel reinforced truss rod. Each neck is carved to a sleek comfortable feel, and we can custom shape and size your necks to fit your needs.




  • Typ: Traditional OO-14
  • Decke: Sitka Spruce, scalloped Redwood Bracing
  • Boden: Mahagony
  • Zargen: Mahagony
  • Hals: Mahgagony
  • Mensur: 64,5
  • Kopfplatte: T-Style
  • Mechaniken: Open Waverly
  • Lackierung Decke: Highgloss 
  • Lackierung Boden/Zarge: Highgloss
  • Lackierung Hals: Matt
  • Case: Ja