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Ganz im Stil der amerikanischen Pre-War Modelle. Bestes Mahagoni, eine Decke aus Sitka-Fichte und ein Ebenholz-Griffbrett sind die Zutaten für einen warmen Ton, schnelle Ansprache und feine Obertöne. Jeff HUSS und Mark DALTON bauen seit über 20 Jahren wunderbare Steelstrings. Die beiden Gitarrenbauer foglen bei allen Instrumenten bestimmten Regeln, die zum einen die hohe Qualität sichern, zum anderen für den eigenen HUSS & DALTON Sound bürgen.

The traditional models are the culmination of our deep respect and appreciation of the pre-war flat tops that are among the most revered instruments in existence. We combine the age-old techniques of construction with our own take on the classic design to produce an instrument of unparralled power and exquisite tone and playability. These instruments feature 25’ radius bracing mated with a traditionally flat top.

Imagine a guitar with a warm tone that still manages to clearly show you the start and stop of every note, and then you’ll get some idea of what the TOM-M sounds like. This OM features the same flat-top construction style as our TOM-R but combines mahogany with a Sitka spruce top. Rather than the immediate flash of the TOM-R, the TOM-M shines subtly with traditional mahogany guitar appointments like tortoise-style body bindings and simple dot fretboard inlays. Understatement is the name of the game here—that is, until you pick the first note.




  • Typ: Traditional OM
  • Decke: TSitka , scalloped Redwood Bracing
  • Boden: Mahagoni
  • Zargen: Magagoni
  • Hals: Mahogany
  • Mensur: 64,5
  • Kopfplatte: T-Style
  • Mechaniken: Open Waverly
  • Lackierung Decke: Highgloss 
  • Lackierung Boden/Zarge: Highgloss
  • Lackierung Hals: Matt
  • Case: Ja