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Das sagt Dana: All Mahogany guitars have a long history in the flattop world. First introduced as inexpensive student guitars in the same shapes as their spruce-topped brethren, it wasn't long before folks began to enjoy the signature tone that a hardwood topped guitar can bring.


Our mahogany topped guitars have the advantage of being individually voiced with Dana's tap-tuning process. This really brings to the fold a response not often found in these dark-topped beauties. By tuning the tops, we are able to get more overtones and response than you'd usually find, while simultaneously retaining the very direct, sugar-sweet tone that the very best vintage 'hog tops are known for. This is no lesser cousin to a spruce-topped guitar; All Mahogany guitars stand proudly on their own!

Diese FULL MAHAGONI OO hat den etwas größeren Korpus als die Single O - der Ton ist daher etwas voller als bei der "Keinen", dafür ist die Single O etwas schneller in der Ansprache. 


Model OO Full Mahogany