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dana bourgeois  |  om "limited 1 of 5" madagascar rosewood / torrefied adirondack20181022 015


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Das sagt Dana: Bourgeois Guitars is proud introduce the 2018 Vintage Deluxe Limited Edition


An exclusive five piece collection featuring Madagascar Rosewood, Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce and added emphasis on pre-war details.


These guitars represent a pinnacle of innovation within the vintage inspired cannon and include a Deluxe Limited Edition hard shell case.

“Throughout my career I’ve focused on the sound of pre-war guitars, and after years of development the gap continues to close. We thought it would be fun to combine these efforts with a show of reverence for the appearance of our 1930’s inspirations. The Vintage Deluxe Limited Edition is designed to elicit the sound, look and feel of ‘oldies but goodies’, with understated contemporary approachability and a pinch of attitude.” -Dana Bourgeois


Die Nummer 1 dieser 5 steht jetzt im Gitarren Studio Neustadt. Nach dem ersten Anspielen kann ich bestätigen, dass Dana seine selbst gestellte Vorgabe erfüllt hat  -  ein wunderbares Instrument! 


Noch eine Anmerkung: Alle Tops sind "Master grade Adirondack Spruce" und selektiert von Dana persönlich.

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