dana bourgeois  |  om "full koa - mastergrade"

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Das sagt Dana: Because of its characteristic superb balance, clarity of voice, and sustaining top register, the OM is often thought of as the quintessential fingerstyle guitar. It's not surprising, though, that more than a few players appreciate these same characteristics not only for flatpicking but also for a variety of other applications. We scallop both sides of the X brace on our OM. This provides the” looseness” required in a smaller guitar to produce a clear, strong bass response, and power and projection that belies its size. 


Mahogany and koa have relatively high velocities of sound when considered as materials for backs and sides and thus contribute much to overtone coloration. Lacking the low-end frequencies of the rosewoods and also their sustaining reverberation, these woods have an altogether different sound. Where rosewood guitars can be thought of as having a “metallic” sound, mahogany and koa guitars are better described as sounding “woody, although the harder, more dense examples of these woods such as sinker mahogany can take on some of the characteristics of the rosewoods. Between the two, koa seems to have a little more fullness in the midrange, while mahogany tends to favor the bass (to some extent) and the treble.


Koa and mahogany have been used for soundboards since the 1920s...... These hardwoods have in common a relatively low velocity of sound (as compared to softwood tops), considerable density, and a low overtone content. They therefore tend to produce a solid tone having strong midrange colorations.

Koa (wie auch Mahagoni) gehören zu den wenigen Tonhölzern, die sowohl für Boden und Zarge als auch für die Decke verwendet werden. Da Dana Beourgeois ein Meister des Tappings  - und somit der Abstimmgung von Tonhölzern ist, sind seine Full-Koa Gitarren nicht nur ein optisches Highlight - Full-Koa Instrumente von Dana haben eine wunderbare Tonbindung und Wärme.


Die GItarre zeigt nur minimale Spielspuren - keine Dings oder Dongs 



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